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Summer Health Problems


Having suntanned skin in the summer is great, but becoming a steak is definitely not. Sunburn is the most familiar health problem in the summer, and it’s also the one that is underestimated the most.

Sunburn is caused by exposing yourself to the harsh sun for too long without any protection. The common symptoms of sunburn are severely red skin and burning pain to the touch.

The symptoms are normally quite mild, and that’s why people do not really take it seriously. However, excessive sunburn might cause serious problems such as fever, vomiting or even skin cancer.

To avoid sunburn, the most efficient solution is to protect your skin with clothes or sunscreen when going out under the sun. You can look for sunscreen coupons to get the best price.


You should always be careful about dehydration, because it might turn your summer into a disaster without you even noticing it.

Dehydration occurs when the fluid in the body is lost more than it’s consumed, either by sweating or urination. When you feel thirsty, that’s the first symptom of dehydration, and because the symptom is too casual, it’s hard for people to notice until more symptoms occur.

When dehydration becomes severe, it might cause more dangerous symptoms such as headaches, vomiting, or even seizures and diarrhea.

Drinking plenty of water is the best way to prevent dehydration. Humans need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and it should be even more in the summer. Besides water, juices are also a very good source of fluid.

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke can be considered the most dangerous summer health issue on the list. Without immediate medical help, it might cause life-threatening risks.

In the summer, our body absorbs more heat than usual, and when the body temperature increases excessively (possibly up to 40°C), you might get a heat stroke.

The very first symptoms of heat stroke are nausea, vomiting and headaches. When it gets worse, some other severe symptoms such as hypotension, epilepsy and even losing consciousness also occur, making the patient’s condition more dangerous.

To prevent heat stroke, it’s time to learn how to keep you and your family cool during the summer.

Wearing roomy, breathable clothes to maintain the body temperature and using air conditioners to adjust the heat are some of the practical ways that you can consider. You can use air conditioner coupons to get a high-end one at an affordable price.

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